Our Bookish Shop Journey

Our Bookish Shop Journey

“Wow mama, for a “crafty mom” how can you have your ONLY daughter use a starburst wrapper as a bookmark. - Natalie Rose

Our bookish shop journey started in 2021 when my 6 year old called me out for not making her a bookmark.

But let’s run it back to 2019 when little Miss Rose was obsessed with carousel horses and momma here got her first Cricut machine. Of course I went all out customizing banners, goodie bags, centerpieces, cups and everything in her party.

After that, I slowly started customizing things here and there and without even realizing it CBD was a thing. So why not start a page with all my creative items right ?

Fast forward to 2022 not only was my daughter (still is) an avid reader, so were my 2 close friends that bought me my first book and I started making them resin bookmarks and creating bookmarks to match my current read. But this when my daughter called me out and then proceeded to suggest to make her a cute bookmark that no one will have. 

*inserts high thoughts* later that night, I saw that one of her books had a paperclip so my mind starts racing and thinking how cute would a badge reel blank look on a paperclip, but bigger paperclip to fit a 2 inch blank. *googles huge paperclip* after finding the perfect size I start to ask my friends and daughter to try them out. Trial & error but after 3 months they were ready so I decided to share them to a FB Group of over 500k crafters. *happy dance* they all loved it.

So a huge thank you to my now 9 year old for calling me out. Now momma is a reader and also the creator of another bookish trend, the kindle butt plugs.

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