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Pink Book Tropes Jumbo Paper Clip Bookmark

Pink Book Tropes Jumbo Paper Clip Bookmark

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This Pink Book Tropes Jumbo Paper Clip Bookmark is the perfect addition to your reading routine. With its unique design, this bookmark will keep your place in any book without causing damage or leaving marks. Made with a durable jumbo paper clip, it is a practical and stylish must-have for any book lover.

Jumbo paper clip bookmarks are perfect save your page for later ( bookmarks are for quitters) or four your planner journals.

you can drop your book or planner & your bookmark will not fly out ♡


-4 inch paper clip coated in vinyl to protect and slide easier
-Paper clip color will vary between Colors but will match the color scheme of the design
-2 inch acrylic design
-approx bookmark size is 4.5"


-2.5” shape
-Hardware color will depend on color of the Design: Silver, Gold, or Rosegold
-3 inch height when hanging from Keychain

Badge Reel:

-2 inch Shape
-Badge Reels are from Supplier: Specialist ID
-Retractable Reels


If you would like a different “” color, or via Instagram @craftsbydrii


* * *Bookmarks do not damage the pages from the book but they do cause temporary creases to the pages depending for how long the bookmark is left clamped on pages * * *

*Items can break if dropped or knocked on hard surfaces.
*Items are handmade so there might be slight variations.
*Avoid prolong exposure to heat or water
*To clean, wipe with a dry cloth

***If item arrives broken or damaged, please message me within 24 hours of arrival or no replacement will be made.


Shipping & Returns

Current Turnaround Time is 1.5 weeks max. This does not include the time it takes USPS to process the package and deliver.


USPS First Class Mail will not include tracking. Transit time maybe +5 days. This is only an affordable option to ship lightweight items. *No Replacements/Refunds If damaged, lost, or stolen* 

USPS Ground advantage is suggested as it will include tracking numbers and we can trace a missing or stolen package. Transit time is 2-5 days.

USPS Priority Service would be the best option as insurance is included but prices are expensive 

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